Dirt City Sanctuary (DCS) is a community housing project focused on loving, honest and individualized care and support for those facing substance use disorder and homelessness. Our first campus will be located in Kent County, MI, with a second campus to follow in Newaygo County, MI. Each campus will house 20-25 individuals.

Dirt City Sanctuary will provide:

  • A home. Each tenant has a private studio apartment within the community.
  • Community. Made up of tenants and staff as well as volunteers brought in to give tenants normal life experiences, skills, and bonds.
  • A job. Essential to sustained sobriety is the ability to provide for oneself while cultivating a sense of purpose.
  • Healing. We will address not only the individual’s substance use disorder but any underlying trauma and or mental health issues.
  • A purpose. We believe that to help another is to help yourself.

Founding member of DCS, Stacy Peck created a unique recovery experience that relies upon a give and take relationship between the community and the tenants fighting substance use disorder. DCS will recruit and coordinate volunteers to provide meaningful and fun experiences for our tenants, such as taking a group out for a movie or sporting event, money management and budgeting lessons, cooking classes, and more. Employment opportunities for our tenants will focus  on giving back to the community. Support will continue once individuals move on from DCS in order to facilitate a smooth transition from the cycle of substance use disorder and poverty to becoming a healthy and contributing member of society.

For those ready and willing to work for it, DCS and our local community will come together to say, “you are not too far gone.” When it feels like every bridge has been burned, we will be there to help build new ones and set individuals up to achieve long term success in their sobriety journey. The benefits to individuals, families, and society when even one person breaks the cycle of substance use disorder  and homelessness are infinite.

*Currently we are in the planning phases for our first Kent County Campus. We Are Hoping To Break Ground For Our Kent County Campus Spring 2020!

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