2019 Block Party

Calling all community members! DCS is excited to announce our 2019 Block Party! This will be a unique opportunity for those community members experiencing homelessness to have winter gear stored and traded for spring items!

In 2018, Dirt City Sanctuary was able to pass out over $45,000 in winter gear through our Purple Backpack Project! We want to do more and give the gift of storage, allowing those without access to storage, to come to our block party, pack up a labeled box with any winter gear they’d like and we will store those boxes until early fall! There will be two date options in early fall to collect your winter items.

When: Sunday, March 24, 2019 1:00 pm-3:30 pm at a location TBD.

What to expect: An afternoon filled with community, conversation, a variety of delicious food, and music! For those experiencing homelessness, you can also receive complimentary haircuts and spring gear!

We like to under-promise and over deliver! It is our ultimate goal to be able to provide a new pair of shoes for each individual who needs them. If you have winter boots, please allow us to store them for you and walk away in new lightweight socks and shoes appropriate for spring.

Our plan: Teams will be working with local shelters and hitting the pavement to get individuals pre-registered for the event. An important part of this effort will be gauging interest in having items stored, surveying individuals on top spring needs, and recording shoe sizes so supplies on hand are as close to the community need as possible.

How you can help: Help us spread the word! We will be opening 150 volunteer spots for this event. With increased outreach, we are expecting between 350-500 guests.

Community partners: We are currently looking for community partners for this event! To get your organization on board, send an email to stacy@dirtcitysanctuary.org, wendy@dirtcitysanctuary.org, or tyler@dirtcitysanctuary.org

Disclaimer: Spring weather is so variable! We will hold the event on Sunday, March 24 but get creative on actual dates of collecting winter gear if necessary due to the weather.


Your donations will help DCS provide spring essentials to those facing homelessness in Kent County.  Click the button below to donate today!

100% of your donations go to our 2019 Block Party!

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