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Heroin’s homeless: 20 minutes in a fast food bathroom


Heroin’s homeless: ‘He can’t go down like this’


New teeth, new life for fast food heroin user

Recovering heroin user: ‘I just want to give back’

Grieving dad, oral surgeon urges cuts to opioid prescribing

Posted: Jun 08, 2018 07:51 PM EDT

Updated: Jun 08, 2018 07:51 PM EDT


Oral surgeon, former heroin user say dentists key in fighting opioid crisis

By: Madison O’Connor  

The Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants held an educational event for dentists, physicians, dental specialists, pharmacists and hygienists on June 8, 2018 at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. The event was held to inform dental professionals of their role in the opioid crisis.

Finding a community helped West Michigan man kick addiction. Now, he’s helping others do the same.

Dirt City Sanctuary is a community-based residential recovery center in the works in Kent County.

Grand Rapids Addiction Recovery Advocates Changing Lives

Getting the info

Opioid painkiller alternatives investigated

Kickball fundraiser to help battle addiction in W. MI

By: Emily Linnert


Purple Backpack Project provides winter survival kits for homeless

Purple Backpack Project 2018

Purple Backpack Project

Shelly Irwin, Wendy Botts, Tyler Trowbridge


Group sets out to provide winter survival kits for homeless community in Grand Rapids

Author: Emma Nicolas
Published: 12:33 PM EDT October 3, 2018
Updated: 11:13 AM EDT October 4, 2018
Jordan Blaauw and Elaina Botts

10-year-old girl makes cards with inspirational messages for homeless

Emily Connor

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