Stacy Peck

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Development and Fundraising

Stacy Peck is a Board Member, Director of Development and Fundraising and Chief Financial Officer who co-founded Dirt City Sanctuary to help end the cycle of addiction and homelessness.


I have lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the last 15 years but was raised in Grant, Michigan (population 881).  Growing up in a small town was great for the most part.  You feel connected to everyone, simply because you share this small place on the map. Marijuana was the only drug I was really exposed to growing up (though it was rumored in high school that my brother Sam was “dropping acid”). After graduation, I learned that my Dad had been prescribed oxycontin for his chronic back pain. I knew nothing about opioids and was under the assumption that a prescribed medicine must be safe. He became dependent on large quantities of oxycontin and the drug slowly contributed to his downfall. He lost his business, he became unable to work, he became desperate for money, and was making decisions that years before, he would have never considered. I wish that I knew more about opioid addiction then, before it was too late for him. He was not perfect, but his generous heart is how I will always remember him. I know my work with Dirt City Sanctuary would make him smile.

My three T’s:

Teddy (age 5), Tilly (age 2), and Tyler (age 34) – I’m a busy Mom to these three. One of them constantly needs attention or a snack. Though they exhaust me, they give me a purpose and bring me happiness. 


I have worked for a local college, a dance studio (actually where I met Anderson), and spent the last 10 years working for a nonprofit in the accreditation sector. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and communications from Aquinas College, as well as a master’s degree in management with a concentration in communications. I have a passion for higher education and hope to always keep learning.

My hopes for DCS:

I want Dirt City Sanctuary to be a place that allows people to be honest with those around them and most importantly, with themselves. I want to serve the addicted and homeless people that no one thinks have a chance. I want those people to go on and accomplish things they didn’t know were possible and to pass along the kindness and support that was shown to them.